Saturday, February 22, 2014

Words On The Page

It has been a very long time since I last blogged. A lot has changed since my last post. I have changed. My writing has changed.

Because of this, I have archived all previous posts. They are great writing memories that I will look back on and cherish, but my blog has a new purpose now. I am in the middle of writing my first full length novel, and this will be the place I go when I'm not in the story. If I get stuck, want a break, or just otherwise need to do some writing that doesn't involve my story then it will get placed here. I may be the only one who reads it, or there may be others out there who still get alerted when I post something new and decide to check it out. Either way, I am thrilled that God has sparked a new yearning inside of me to write again.

The desire to write is always within me. I think every writer will agree to that being the case. But sometimes I let myself get too caught up in the idea of getting published that I forget that writing is about telling stories that need to be told. It's about connecting to readers and blessing them through words. Publishing allows me to get my work out there to the readers, but first there must be words on the page. Before anything else there must be words and that is what I am focusing on right now - the words on the page. As sloppy and messy as they may get, I must get them out of my head and onto paper (real or electronic).

Time to end these words and get back to those in my novel...

3 friends left a comment:

Joanne Sher said...

You GO, Josh! Cheering you on. I am (annoyingly) optimistic that this will be a great process for you :)

Josh said...

Thanks, Joanne! I didn't think anyone still got updates on this blog. I appreciate your encouragement and optimism. I need that during this process. :)

RETA said...

Keep blogging! Keep writing! You have a nice BlogSpot!